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Technical Support

We offer technical support for business and home users in and around Torbay, Dartmouth & South Hams area of Devon, for all  aspects of computers (Laptops & Desktops), iPhones & iPads & other technology use, and my promise to you, is that if I can’t fix it, I don’t charge for it.

We all know that technology can be somewhat temperamental… and often it can be through no fault of your own that your piece of flash and fancy technology has thrown a wobbly! But it has to be said… sometimes it is the user that is the problem. So, with this in mind, our technical support doesn’t just fix the problem, it fixes the cause too. We will explain, what went wrong, why it went wrong and how best to avoid it happening again.

With the aid of modern technology, I can often assess and even repair the issues whilst online, giving you prompt and fast service when you need it most.

Just drop me a message and explain the situation and we will do my best to help you out.

Computer support, repairs, and help for Torbay, Dartmouth, South Hams, Devon.