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When I get asked to look at computer troubles, they are often due to virus’s, trojans installed malware & toolbars making surfing the internet like wading through treacle. I was surprised to see a new issue cropping up last week on a machine in for attention which was a great new challenge.

file_exe not file.exe

file_exe not file.exe

Basically, when downloading a program to install from the net with internet explorer (incidentally chrome worked fine and was not affected) the file would only download with the extension _exe and not .exe as a normal file would be.

After researching various sources and scouring the internet for solutions, it turned out that the user profile had been corrupted and needed to be repaired or replaced. So a simple solution is to transfer the user data to a new profile to solve this issue.

Whilst trying to resolve this issue, there was also a problem with Microsoft Starter 2010 with the loss of the icons. Whilst solving the _exe issue, the icons were replaced and this issue was also resolved showing that there must have been a Microsoft issue/problem initially.

This is just one of the many problems I have solved. If you are in the Dartmouth or South Hams area and need your Laptop or Computer cleaning, sorting fixing or repairing from a virus issue, please don’t hesitate to contact Dart Tech :: No Fix No Fee