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Helpful Software

Microsoft Security Essentials

Free Antivirus Software from Microsoft to help protect your PC against Viruses and other Threats  Link Here

Remember. You should only ever have ONE antivirus program running at any one time or they will conflict each other and neither will work leaving your machine vunerable to virus and malware attacks.

Malware Removal

To remove any viruses, Trojans, and Malware that your normal antivirus program won’t remove, you can try Malware Bytes… they offer a free version which eliminates most issues, and you can download the program directly from this site.


Drop Box

FREE Online File collaboration and document storage. Sync’s with all devices including smartphones and tablets. Link Here


Free online document storage. Scan and upload any image or document. Great for Dead-filing and retaining documents where they need to be recalled simply and effectively. Link Here

PDF Printer

Print any document to a PDF file and save to your own machine FREE. Great if you want to print out items from a website such as online bank statements but don’t want to print to paper. Link Here

Windows 8 Start Button

Not all people like change and with the NEW windows 8 now upon us, many people are looking for the traditional start button… but alas, its not there in the new windows 8 options, instead, it takes you to the new tile system. for those of us who are missing the old start button from the traditional windows that we know, IOBIT have released a little bit of nifty software that is available from www.download.com and you can either search the options in their website or click the link below. (But, if you download anything from this, site always uncheck any extras that are available with the install.

Windows Start Button